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Rainy River is a community that takes pride in its recreational activities. This section of our web site we will keep you informed of the activities planned at the Recreational Centre and in the community.
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Contact Information

Director of Recreation
Rainy River Recreation Centre
302 Broadway Avenue
P.O. Box 252
Rainy River, ON
P0W 1L0
Phone: (807) 852-4446

Rec. Director

  • Leslie Johnson

Recreation Board

  • Chairperson – Deb Wagner
  • Vice-Chairperson – Eltjo Wiersema

Board Members:

  • Marlene McNally
  • Kathleen Nault
  • Brittney Bowmen
  • Melissa Venables
  • Jenna Yeo

Recreation Centre Polices and Procedures

Volunteer Screening

Policies: to utilize and encourage volunteer participation for community growth for recreation programs and events for the Rainy River Recreation Centre.  To ensure the safety of participants and volunteers when volunteering with the Rainy River Recreation Centre to host programs and events.


1.A) Role of volunteers

1.1) To volunteer time to help set up events and programs in our community

1.2) Volunteer participation during community events

1.3) Offering services for an ongoing base such as a fitness program with a qualified and certified instructor example coaching of youth programs.

1.4) High School students for co-op high school course and forty hours of community service during high school before graduation.

2.B) Screening of Volunteers

2.1) Volunteer intake interview to engage the volunteer in a personal discussion to gain a better understanding of personality types.

2.2) Reference check from former employers, academic teachers, athletic coaches, etc.

2.3) Proper certification for volunteering in fitness programs, smart serve etc. when program requires a specific skill level.

3.C) Management of Volunteers

3.1) Volunteer schedule is in place to ensure management of volunteers, and accommodate their needs and schedules.

3.2) Ongoing communication between volunteer and employee (supervisor). Providing open communication so volunteers are free to ask questions, get explanations, and have a better understanding.

3.3) All volunteers are under the direct supervision of Rainy River Recreation Employee. Volunteers are never placed in a situation that is unsupervised to ensure their safety and the integrity of the Rainy River Recreation Centre.

3.4) High school student’s volunteering in the mentoring program will work directly with supervisors to learn specific skills, obtain a positive outcomes and learning objectives.

 4.A Volunteer Document 

For ongoing volunteering within the Rainy River Recreation Centre programs for ongoing length of time


Staff Screening for Rainy River Recreation Centre

Policy: To ensure that staff members areheld at a professional and accountable level. To protect the integrity of the Rainy River Recreation Centre, with a fair and detailed screening and hiring process for staff members that work for the Rainy River Recreation Centre that was developed by the Rainy River Recreation Board.

This is a nine step screening process to ensure professional, accountability and board members decide on a consensus about the hiring process and staff screening.

1. Assessment: The Rainy River Recreation Board will determine the need for employees to work in the facility. Funding that is available, seasonal work, contract positions etc.

2. Recruitment: A fair and equitable recruitment process, with developed job postings, is used to find potential candidates for the vacant position.

3. Application: Interested candidates will apply with a formal cover letter and resume with a detailed description about specific skills and qualifications, or outline in the job description of how to apply for the job. The Rainy River Recreation Board will then select potential employees based on those that meet the criteria and have previous experience related to this job application.

4. Interview: A series of questions will be asked to each potential candidate (same questions for all candidates). Potential employee’s answers will be written down and kept for review for the hiring process. Information is confidential.

5. Certification:  May be required. Candidates will be asked if they are up to date on any required certification or willing to obtain certification(s) prior to starting the employment position.

6. References: The successful candidate will be provided a conditional offer, requiring the names of at least two references.

7. Police Background Checks: A clean police record is required for working on the premises of the Rainy River Recreation Centre. A background check is needed before the beginning of employment.

8. Support and Supervision: The Rainy River Recreation Board will provide the mentoring and feedback to employees to ensure a support system and advice and knowledge.  Jobs positions will report to the following

Rainy River Recreation Board is our governing body.

Recreation Director Reports to the Rainy River Recreation Board and is responsible for everyone below.

Maintenance Staff Reports to Recreation Director and Recreation Board

Recreation Programmer Reports to Recreation Director

Arena and Concession Workers Report to Recreation Director

9. Follow-up and Feedback: The Rainy River Recreation Board holds monthly meetings with board members and staff to provide progress and direction. Any concerns and issues that may arise are brought forth and addressed through board members and staff to provide a consensus for questions and resolve problems.

Concussion Management and Prevention for Rainy River Recreation Centre


Policy:  To ensure the safety of participants involved in our programs through measures that prevent concussion and proper assessment and treatment of concussions. This a three step process focused on prevention, management and follow-up.


1 A.Prevention

1.1) Insure proper safety equipment with contact sports such as hockey and baseball a CSA approved helmet

1.2) Helmets must be worn for program in hockey, and batting when playing baseball.

1.3) Mouth guards used for contact sports such as hockey to prevent the risk of concussions

1.4) Outline rules of activity, safe play, stress non-competitive physical activities

1.5) Eliminate unnecessary contact or rough physical activity.  Example youth intramural hockey, no checking, hockey skills development program.

1.6) Active supervision from our staff members, being involved in the activity not watching from the side lines.

1.7) Inform our staff about how concussions occur, symptoms of concussions, treatment and steps to follow.

2.A. Management

2.1) Rainy River Recreation Centre Staff are not responsible to form a medical diagnose of a concussion but we can use our best judgement to manage a suspected concussions and further risk.

2.2) If a potential concussion incident occurs here is what our staff members can do.

Remove individual from the playing surface to examine the possibility of having a concussion

2.3) Diagnose concussion with a check list about the possible signs of a concussion some of these symptoms but not limited to the following.

•brief loss of consciousness after the injury

•memory problems


•drowsiness or feeling sluggish


•double vision or blurred vision


•nausea or vomiting

2.4) Parent information and contact information and participant health card is on record from registration forms to contact in case of emergency.

2.5) Contact parent or guardian about the possibility of a concussion. Parents and guardian make the decision to seek medical attention. Based on the information given by an employee they can make a decision about obtaining a medical opinion from a doctor.

2.6) Best not to allow a participant back in a game or individual. We want to be proactive to eliminate further risk.

3.A. Follow Up

3.1) Incident report to be filled out by Rainy River Staff Member located in first aid kit. This is done by the staff member who witness the incident and ensure that the incident is written up to ensure proper treatment.

3.2) Contact parents and or guardian about the incident the next day to see how participant/individual is doing.

3.3) Staff meeting and communication to notify other staff members about incident and how to prevent further concussions in the future.

Thank You

To all that sponsored ice time for the 2014-2015 skating season. We appreciate your support and contribution for ice time.

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Rainy River Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary

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