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pine-gross-beak2Birding in the Rainy River District The Rainy River itself, the lakes and waterways of the region plus the mix of northern, southern and prairie natural environments — from northern spruce and jackpine to southern hardwoods such as elm, ash and basswood – create a range of habitat for diverse species of birds. Pelicans return again and again to permanent nesting grounds; bald eagles, sharp-tailed grouse, pileated woodpeckers, sand-hill cranes and Snowy Owls can be seen, along with occasional sightings of scarlet tanagers and Baltimore Orioles as well as prairie species such as western meadowlarks and yellow-headed blackbirds.

Thanks to mixed deciduous shoreline, wetlands, oak ridges and open agricultual fields, spring and fall migrations of almost 300 bird species can be enjoyed. Just 18 km northwest of town at the mouth of the Rainy River is the world-renowned Sable Island, home to a permanent breeding population of the endangered piping plover. The rare Connecticut Warbler also breeds in the region – truly a birders paradise.

I welcome you to browse through our birding site to see in detail the many birding areas available including detailed maps of each.

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With any degree of luck and cooperation from both the weather and the birds, you will have good looks at most of the special birds of the Rainy River area and good chances of seeing what you want. Not every road, field and woodlot has been described and exploration on your own could turn up almost anything.

A Birder’s Guide to the Rainy River Area

This is a comprehensive look at Birding in the Rainy River District by Dave Elder of Atikokan, Ontario, in BIRD FINDING GUIDE #2, “A Birder’s Guide to the Rainy River Area. It includes specific areas to discover, bird lists, maps and helpful information. Birder’s Guide 1, Birder’s Guide 2.

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